Art and Inspiration provides dialogue forums, art classes, artist performance and artist talks for a connective approach that honors and celebrates a unified humanity regardless of belief-system, gender, ethnicity or cultural affiliation. Art and Inspiration actively seeks and connects community and social networks in which to give further life to the personal development and to the creative projects of artists and others in the community at large. 

Special accomplished guests in all fields are invited to the programs to share as well as listen to the other participants. Anyone in the general public is invited to participate or observe the weekly dialogue or come to performances. We received international attention when the Nobel Prize nominated poet Huang Xiang performed.

Art and Inspiration has also done several arts education programs with young adults on the autism spectrum.  Our educational and outreach programs have encouraged autistic young adults to participate more fully in the arts and to successfully read and actively engage poetry. 

Participants are encouraged to explore their full potential and collaboratively inspire each other to new realizations in dialogues that are held in an environment that encourages cultivation of new insights. The program is needed because human beings need personal interaction and a sense of community. 

William Rock being interviewed on Comcast Newsmakers with Tonia Caruso.

Recently, Vietnam Veterans were invited to read poetry written by one of our regular program participants who was a nurse in Vietnam during the war. It was a record turnout for the library venue as over 150 people were in attendance.

Art and Inspiration also created and facilitated an artist-in-residence program that had artist Jennifer Nagle Myers available to “check-out” for creative project advice to anyone in the community during regular library hours on Thursdays for a month. This program received national attention from The Library as Incubator Project and was hailed as a guide for other libraries nationwide wishing to create an artist-in-residence program.